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Welcome to Cover Caps UK. Your premier destination for self-adhesive screw covers, ensuring a professional finish for any surface and environment. Our commitment lies in providing a seamless solution to enhance the aesthetics of your space. – effortlessly blending existing drill holes with our meticulously crafted covers.

Seamless Integration with Matching Surface Material:
Achieve perfection with our self-adhesive screw covers as they seamlessly blend with your existing drill holes, ensuring a professional and polished appearance. Moreover, the effortless peel-and-stick application makes the process straightforward and convenient.

Customisation for Flawless Results:
At Cover Caps UK, we understand the importance of customisation. Notably, we offer full custom colour and texture matching, ensuring a flawless finish that complements your specific requirements—additionally, utilising the same high-quality material trusted by renowned kitchen and bedroom manufacturers like EGGER and Kronospan. Our screw covers precisely match the board reference number, providing a cohesive look.

Extensive Style Options:
Dive into our extensive collection, featuring over 15,000 styles available in 14mm or 18mm diameters. Notably, this diverse range guarantees a perfect match for common surface finishes and screw hole sizes, allowing you to select the ideal cover for your project.

Enhanced Safety with Super-Strong Adhesion:
Our self-adhesive screw covers offer a flush finish and ensure super-strong adhesion. Consequently, this enhances the overall appearance and minimises choking hazards when compared to traditional push-on caps.

Explore Cover Caps UK:
For enquiries and to explore our extensive range, visit our website at covercaps-uk.com. Here, you can experience the convenience and elegance our self-adhesive screw covers bring to your projects.

A Division of Hillcroft Laminations and Conversions Limited:
Cover Caps UK operates as a branded division of Hillcroft Laminations and Conversions Limited, assuring you of our commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence in finishing solutions.