ABS screw cover variants

ABS screw cover variants. Where do we start, and what do we actually mean? For example. A plain white ABS screw cover has several types of surfaces available, twenty-one in total; see below. Combine this with four kinds of thickness – Let’s do the maths. To put that into perspective. That’s 84 variants for every plain colour. – impressive!

Our sticky screw covers will not only colour-match your wallboard but will also look and feel the same. You can start seeing our range’s versatility and the vast diversity Cover Caps UK offers over vinyl printed screw covers.

Abs screw covers can be broken down into ABS Plain colours edges and ABS wood patterns.

Type of available surfaces on ABS plain colours
100 – smooth XC – 10C pore 101 – pearl XD – 10D pore 103 – wooden pore XE – pearl DP 104 – deep wooden pore XF – pore line 105 – wavy wooden pore XG – pearl XG 106 – straight wooden pore XH – pearl XH 107 – soft pearl XI – pearl XI 108 – glossy pore XJ – textile 109 – pore SU XK – smooth XK XA – pearl DC XM – pore XM XB – 10B pore

ABS wood Patterns:

Unlike plain colours and their surface options, abs wood patterned screw covers encompass a varying embossed/debossed texture giving the appearance of a natural piece of wood.

Unlike cheap 2D printed vinyl stickers, abs screw covers from Cover Caps UK look and feel precisely like the attached wallboard.

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