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Die cutting facilities

Our Guidolin Girotto model RO 175 rotary die cutter has a working width of 175mm with operating speeds up to 100 meters per minute and is used to produce our self-adhesive screw covers. Rotary Die cutting yields a level of uniformity in final product that is almost unmatched. Die cut parts that are consistently within specification are critical to any fine tolerance project and with rotary die cutting this is easily facilitated, even on high volume runs.

It is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment, that we also use to produce intricate die cut bumper feet, spacers and protectors. We offer these under our branded name of Eazi-Stops™ which can be  used in a multitude of applications, but as a company,  we produce the majority of our Eazi-Stops™ bumpers to complement our self-adhesive cover caps in fitted bedroom and kitchen assembly, to dampen the impact of closing doors and drawers with their excellent cushioning properties.