Digital Cutting Service

DYSS 5 Digital cutter

  1. Our digital cutting service receives a significant boost from the DYSS 5 industrial cutter, renowned for its advanced camera-guided capabilities. This recent addition ensures precise cutting of intricate die-cut pieces in kiss-cut format. By leveraging the DYSS 5 industrial cutter, we optimise our production process through highly efficient nesting techniques, minimising wastage and maximising material usage.
  2. Moreover, the DYSS 5 industrial cutter guarantees maximum yield from any material, empowering us to manufacture circular self-adhesive screw covers and covers of any shape or size for various applications. Additionally, our advanced software programme expedites in-house sample production, specifically tailored for prototyping purposes. This seamless integration significantly enhances efficiency, empowering us to promptly address the evolving needs of our customers.
  3. The accompanying video vividly showcases the remarkable capabilities of our digital cutting service. It exemplifies the meticulous cutting of bespoke cover mould end cap pieces on woodgrain paperback cellulose in varying sizes. This vivid demonstration serves to emphasise the precision and versatility of our digital cutting process, making it suitable for a wide array of applications.
  4. In conclusion, our digital cutting service, propelled by the DYSS 5 industrial cutter and advanced software programme, delivers unmatched precision, efficiency, and versatility. From intricate die-cut pieces to samples and prototypes, we harness cutting-edge technology to effectively meet the diverse needs of our customers, ensuring their satisfaction and facilitating their success.