GD RO175 rotary die-cutting

The rotary die-cutting machines are fast in set-up and guarantee maximum precision. They are ideal for medium and large or complex production. Thanks to their numerous extra options, they are highly modular, allowing easy production line customisation according to the customer’s specific needs. This product line is an ideal choice for the world’s largest converters.

Our Guidolin Girotto model RO 175 rotary die cutter has a working width of 175mm with operating speeds up to 100 meters per minute. Additional features include start and stop machining and fly-cutting operations.

A busy week of fine-tuning our new GD RO175. ‘Production‘ certainly didn’t hold back in assuring that the acclaimed processing speed of 100 m/sec was accomplished and ticked off, and it did with flying colours. Besides testing various material thicknesses and adhesives, ‘Production‘ finished their week of testing with beaming smiles. We are now 100% fully set up and ready – to bring on the orders.

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