Alternative to push-on caps

Please don’t get me wrong. Plastic push-on caps serve a purpose. You only have to look online at the colossal array of colours and sizes they cater for. They have a place within the manufacturing process, albeit a diminishing one.

As with all good inventions and over time, the once-and-only product that has dominated the market has to make way as evolution gives us new, improved, alternative products.

The manufacturing process of ABS self-adhesive screw covers gives us (the consumer) a substantially wider choice of finishes, colours and thicknesses. Including a simple peel-and-stick application, whereas push-on caps are limited to solid colours and can be fiddly to apply.

One of the main advantages of abs sticky screw covers is their thickness and ability to blend seamlessly onto the surface material.

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alternative to push-on screw caps

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